Wichtige Informationen zum Congress:


Anreisetag: Mi. 1.11.

Beginn des offiziellen Programms:

2.11. Do. 7.00 Uhr, Meditationsgrotte des Schlosses



1.11. ab 15.00 – 21.00 Uhr im Schloss, bei der Rezeption befindet sich ein Registrierungstisch

(wenn ihr kein Auto habt, bringen wir euch um ca. 20.00 ins Hotel Zoechbauer und Pension Braunsteiner)



Leider musste Swami Vishnudevananda aus gesundheitlichen Gründen seine Teilnahme absagen. Die Mönche seines Ordens werden aber alle dabei sein und alle Programmpunkte erfüllen. Weiters wird Vishnudevananda einen Satsang speziell für das Schloss aufnehmen und falls technisch möglich einen Livesatsang per Videoübertragung halten.


Preisinfo betreffend all jene, die im Zöchbauerhof oder in der Pension Braunsteiner übernachten:

Da das Programm sehr früh beginnt, wird das Frühstück für all jene, die außerhalb wohnen im Schloss serviert. Der Preis für die Übernachtung wurde von den Hotels so reduziert, dass die Ausgaben genau jenen, wie auf der Webseite angegeben sind entsprechen. Neu ist, dass das Frühstück für alle im Schloss stattfindet.

Der Pauschalbetrag für alle Essen (Brunch und Mittag-/Abendessen) im Schlossrestaurant beträgt für alle 4 Tage genau 97 Euro. Diesen Betrag bitte bei der Registrierung bezahlen. Danke!



Bernhard 0043/650 900 2727

One who sees all beings in the self alone, and the self in all beings,
feels no hatred by virtue of that understanding.
For the seer of oneness , who know all beings to be the self,
where is delusion and sorrow?
— Isha Upanishad



meet 5 Vedanta Masters & Scholars

We are proud to introduce you five well selected lecturers who will share their insights and realizations with you. Meet them personally to perceive the truth they are teaching. It is behind the words, it is a pure presence, knowledge that is hardly possible to transcribe to words. Yet it can be experienced by simple exercise, satsang, silent meditation or some experiments. You do not have to believe in anything, it is up to you to try and experience the true reality of yours, by acting like a spiritual scientist.


Vishnudevanda Giri

The well-known Russian spiritual master and organizer of the Advaita Vedanta Congress in Moscow, where thousands of people from all over the world have participated in the past years, will be introducing you into the world of advaita (Atma Vichara) in various units of this congress.

He is the founder of the Center for LAYA Yoga in Russia. Mantras and ceremonies in the traditional Indian style frame his performances. Vishnudevananda impresses with clarity in his lectures and through spiritual realization.


Swami Sumiran

Swami Sumiran (born 1969, Voronezh, Russia) is a well-known Russian teacher and mystic in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta and Zen, in the first education he is an nuclear physicist and a psychologist.

At the age of twenty, when Sumiran was studying nuclear physics and the political system of the Soviet Union was slowly coming to an end, he spontaneously and silently experienced mystical experiences that lasted for several months. This happened at a time when the young physicist did not have yet any idea of hat is a "consciousness-altered state", "enlightenment" or even meditation. In science, he found no answers to explain his experiences. However, the modern physics and the mysticism of life comes very close, as Sumiran repeatedly noticed.



Madhukar was born and raised in Stuttgart. After his university studies in economics and philosophy he worked as a TV Journalist in Germany. After a near death experience in the 80's, while on his search for answers to life's philosophical and spiritual questions, he had a powerful awakening experience.

Upon completing his training as a yoga and meditation teacher, he came to realize that his search was far from being over. He heard reports on the "Lion of Lucknow" in India in 1992, about a guru who personified the message of Advaita. Immediately he undertook a 42-hour journey across the subcontinent and met up with H.W.L. Poonja, a student of the great Indian sage Ramana Maharshi. Madhukar had arrived to his master.


Richard Lang

Richard Lang

For many years, Richard Lang has been a close companion of Douglas Harding, who has developed a very original approach to the question of who I am. A modern western approach to this still current question emerged: The Headless Way.

Richard Lang has been touring the world with his headless way of teaching people to see new things. A series of experiments helps to remind our mind of the original way of seeing and to free ourselves from the learned concept of seeing. Richard Lang recommends taking a fresh look at the world.

Florian Schlosser

Florian Schlosser

At an early age Florian Schlosser began an intensive quest for the truth underlying all existence. This utter urge to find peace took him around the world for many years of restless seeking.

When he turned 28 he gave up normal life, entering a monastery with the intention of becoming a monk for the rest of his life. He came to see this as an unconscious escape from life, especially from relationships. Once this became clear to him he returned and undertook 15 years of professional training that enabled him, in various group and one-to-one settings, to empower others to also be free and live an integrated life.

In April 2000 at a public meeting (satsang) being given by Isaac Shapiro in Munich, Florian had an entirely unexpected, spontaneous awakening to his oneness with infinite Consciousness. From one moment to another his search for 'enlightenment' found an end.

Alokesh Chandra

Alokesh Chandra

Sitar player with a difference.

- Since almost two decades studying and presenting the ancient art of Indian classical music.
- Performer, teacher, collaborator, promoter and ethernal traveller on the path towards perfection.
- His music is soulful, deep, meditative and at the same time can be full of humor, fun and excitement.